Guns of the Revelator

Session 3

The acolytes leave Port Gavinus on the Inquisitor's cruiser, Lion of Scintilla. They are bound for his base on Scintilla and have a couple of weeks to recover from wounds, train and read up on the piles of data slates their leader, Thorne gives them.  

On arriving to Scintilla, Gallia discovers that all this open sky is a very scary thing.  This is her first time on a planet and she is overcome with a sense of agoraphobia.  She gets a little crazy from it.  

Thorne sends the group to meet with a local Arbitrator who is in the hospital.  While investigating a suspected crime boss in GunMetal City, Officer Jonas Kalina and two other Arbitrators attempted to arrest Stern Zharkov (the suspected crime boss/smuggler/honest importer) and handily defeated several bodyguards he sent against them.  He then asked a mysterious companion to "Teach Officer Kalina a lesson".  

The lesson consisted of throwing one officer over 30 meters and then ripping Kalina's arm off and beating the remaining Arbitrator to death with it.  Kalina lived (barely) and called in the Inquisition.

At the scene of the combat a psyker called in by the arbitrators flipped out and ran out of the building and into traffic where he was quickly killed by a grav truck.  

The acolytes go the scene and their psyker, Frak quickly discovers that the warp is very strong in this room.  It overwhelms him and he passes out for a few minutes.  He awakes a little less sane.  

 In the apartment, they also find a cogitator with information that leads them to a warehouse that is apparently one of Zharkov's though it does not appear to be his via official documents.  The smuggled weapons and armor under Kalina's investigation were due to be sent there.  

Also in the apartment two of the acolytes notice what seems to be a secret room.  They can not find an entrance and resort to heavy firepower to open the wall.  Inside, they find a summoning rune and a book.  Just uncovering the room sets a chill in the air, frosting the room and its occupants.  

There is also a series of dark voices from beyond the warp whispering to everyone from all directions.   To most these voices are ominous and terrifying. To one of them the voices begins to sound kind of melodic and nearly start to make sense.    

The group journeys to the warehouse and failing to have anything even starting to resemble a plan, they shoot their way in an dencounter a group of guards.  Through skill, luck and many rounds of ammo, they succeed in defeating the security forces in the warehouse.  

They are advised that Zharkov and a strange man in a hooded cloak were recently there and may even be in the upstairs office currently.  

We will pick up there next time…  


Addendum  I wrote this quick and dirty while fighting sleep. Will try to go back and clean it up a bit.   


Kicking the tires on the insanity rules, eh?

Session 3

Kicked the tires and took them for a spin around the block. Sanity is going to be a rare commodity soon.

Session 3
Chompa Chompa

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