Guns of the Revelator

Session 4

GM Note: I am not sure where I was going with the last adventure so I basically scrapped it.  Two new characters are joining so we will be doing a slight reboot.  


The team assaulting the warehouse from Session 3 apparently encountered something they could not handle.  A large part of the building was destroyed and in flames when rescue crews pulled the survivors out.  Zharkov and the hooded man disappeared and have not been seen since despite other Inquisitor crews continuing the search.  Ishmael, Gallia, Victus and Frak survive the encounter, but Frak (the psyker) is driven mad by the events.  Ishmael, Gallia and Victus are severely wounded and spend several months recuperating. 

On to Session 4:

Ishmael (the Arbiter) is joined by two new recruits. Chaka is a warrior from a Feral World who has been recruited after assisting Inquisitor Tybalt in a hunt on his world. "You didn't flinch when putting them to the flame. I can use you." Norva Itana is a void born psyker who was found worthy of attempting to serve the Inquisition after a few years on the black ships.  Victus, the Tech Priest later joins in for some technical work.  

Interrogator Thorne brings his crew together to send them on an investigation. Between filling the air with lho stick smoke and drinking his ever present recaf, the scribe tells the crew about a body found deep in the bowels of Gun Metal City.

Tarek, a small time fence and fixer, was found dead with no obvious wounds in an alley. The body cleanup crew (they don't investigate most of the deaths in lower city) found his personal belongings intact and  a strange crystal in his possession so they notified the local Arbitrator Station.  Arbitrator Henshaw on seeing the crystal thought it might be of alien origin and contacted the Inquisition as is his duty.  

On investigating the events, the crew finds that Tarek was a known associate of the Green Stubbers, a hive gang and both Tarek and the gang were known to hang out in The Harlot's Halo. A visit to the Harlot's Halo gives Norva a chance to practice psionic torture.  They discover that Tarek was last seen with a man who works with off world shipping and sidelines as a smuggler.  

Following up with that, the group questions Otto Silas, the smuggler.  He reveals that Tarek was looking for someone to smuggle a quantity of the crystals from off world to Gun Metal City for a man he represents. He also reveals that Tarek told him the crystals were Eldar.  The crew lets Otto off the hook for now with the understanding that he will contact them if he hears from the people Tarek represented.  

On going to investigate Tarek's apartment, Chaka's laspistol has a horrible malfunction when trying to shoot the lock off the door.  The pistol's power pack explodes and destroys his hand.  The crew are able to get a tourniquette in place and return him to the Inquisitor's Citadel.  

Tybalt's head Excruciator (a very experienced Tech Priest) is able to quickly adapt an old prosthetic hand to replace Chaka's destroyed one.  The machine spirits are kind and not only is the hand as agile as his original, it is much stronger.  

Chaka's Hand 

Returning to the investigation the crew takes Victus along for locks and cogitators.  Victus is proud of Chaka for giving up his weak flesh for a fine metal hand.  The crew's investigation leads them to find that Tarek met with a "Marcus" at the Calixas Advocacy League in the upper spires of the city.  

The Calixas Advocacy League is a very elite private club.  On arriving they review a roster of members with the club's chamberlain.  On showing them a picture of Tarek, he informs them that the Marcus in question is their head of security.  

On going toward Marcus's office three security men come out and start blasting at the group with Lascarbines.  The Chamberlain is hit and goes down.  Chaka exercises his new hand by snapping the Chamberlain's neck and proceeds to use him as a meat shield vs. the laser fire while returning shots himself.  Ishmael returns fire while Norva charges with her sword.  

The battle goes well with only a minor wound on Ishmael.  The wounded security men surrender, but quickly dispatched by Chaka.  Marcus Holtz has meanwhile used a secret passage to exit the building to a parking garage a couple of levels below.  

[This is where we left off] 


Chompa Chompa

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