Guns of the Revelator

Test Run

Did a little play testing the combat system. Learned a lot in a short time. This is a VERY lethal game and I would not have it any other way.

The player doing the play testing with me was running his assassin vs an arbitrator that one of the other players will have. Assassin lost both times once with a melee combat and again with a running gun battle. The fight could have gone either way and honestly – using fate points would have dramatically changed it.

Players will need to get familiar with ways to “up the odds” quickly. Use cover, shoot from point blank, gang up on enemies, and other tactics will up the odds of working. Sadly even the best attempts can sometimes backfire.

The assassin for instance was being chased in a noisy & dark enginarium (engine room) and had successfully evaded her pursuer. She snuck up behind him and was going to fire her shotgun point blank only to have a dud shell. Pumping another shell into the chamber alerted the arbitrator and he turned. A brief and explosive point range gun battle ensued. The arbitrator took out the assassin with a single shot.

Did I mention armor? Armor will be most necessary.


Chompa Chompa

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