Caliban Thorne

Scholar Caliban Thorne of the Adeptus Administratum, Interrogator under Inquistor Gallus Tybalt.


Scholar Thorne is a man of slight frame with a bald head showing only a tattoo of a spider on it. He wears glasses that are square on one frame and round on the other. The lenses are colored red and green. He wears a chain coat with a stub automatic visible on the belt and he reeks of lho-stick.

Thorne is accompanied by two floating skull servitors. One is a scribe servitor, the other performs vox/vid capture.

Thorne is continuously drinking recaf and chain-smoking lho-sticks.

Thorne generally looks haggard and drawn. His voice is rough and raspy and speaks in an abrupt and condescending manner to most people. He is highly intelligent and knowledgeable about chaos and the occult.

His clothing is well made, but often rumpled. He prefers dark colors, often black or dark red.


Caliban Thorne

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