Void born assassin


This is one of the PCs – Gallia was born on one of the huge Imperial Navy ships deep in the lower decks.  I'll let the PC write up a full background, but Gallia was wronged by an officer on the ship. She planned and assassinated him.  

Unbeknownst to her, the Inquisition was on the ship investigating several of the ship's officers. The one assassinated was guilty of heresy.  Normally, this would not have allowed a stay of execution for killing a ship's officer, but one of the Inquisitor Tybalt's high ranking acolytes chose to take her as an apprentice assassin. 

Gallia is a painfully thin woman and an albino. Her appearance is very striking and somewhat disturbing to those who are not void born. She has been trained to use a variety of weapons and has very little qualm about killing. 


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