Guns of the Revelator

Port Wrath (Episode 5)

Inquisitor Tybalt was quite pleased with the cadre's results last time. They uncovered what seems to be a secret organization within the Calaxis Advocacy League.  The League's head of Security, Marcus Holtz is still at large and several high ranking members are suddenly and conspicously absent.  The Inquistor is having some of his other cadres investigate the League and look for Holtz.  

Tybalt gifts the group with some pistols in thanks for their service so far.  The pistols are Tybalt Arms Redeemers (from the Inquisitors own foundry) and are very well made pistols of great accuracy and reliability.  It is his hope they will serve them well.

Tybalt also introduces Sgt. Kain to the group.  He will be serving with them.  Kain had previously worked for Tybalt, but has no memory of it.  He had been mindcleansed and doesn't even recall his real name or any history.  He has retained his military skills and what seems to be a solid knowledge of the Imperial Guard.  He doesn't know why he was mindwiped, but is thankful that he was deemed valuable enough to undergo cleansing instead of the Emperor's Mercy.   

Otto Silas, the smuggler has reached out to meet with the group.  Meeting at the Harlot's Halo they discover that Silas was approached directly by Marcus Holtz to bring the next shipment of Eldar stones to Gunmetal City.  The Inquisitor has informed them that these stones are actually Eldar Soul Stones.

The group travels to Port Wrath via a trading vessel to pick up the stones and see if they can discover from where they originate.   

On Port Wrath the group finds the warehouse and Norva has a premonition of seeing blood.  Gallia scouts the place out and finds a good place to watch the office where the foreman will be.  Then Norva and Kain with Chaka posing as the main smuggler approach Foreman Marsters to get the stones.  On the way into the shipping office, Kain spots movement on the roof of the office.  

With the info chip they provide Marsters, the group is given a box containing the Soul Stones.  Norva can tell they are in there because she can sense many alien presences within the box – it is overwhelming to the point of making her physically ill.  The Soul Stone back on Scintilla was nothing like this.  

The foreman is telling them that another shipment left for Sephirus Secundus recently and that another shipment should be arriving for transfer in the next few weeks.  About this time, the ceiling has four circular holes burn-blasted in dropping Eldar into the room.  

The Eldar demand the Soul Stones be handed over and Norva in a lightning quick move grabs the box and leaps through the window, over the catwalk and down ten feet to the floor.  

Kain and Chaka are left with the Foreman and the four Eldar, which seems to be very bad odds.  The fight is fairly short and very bloody.  The Foreman is hit early on and taken down.  Chaka suffers from some bad footwork, but still does damage to the Eldar.  Kain makes use of pistol and chainsword and takes out a couple of the Eldar.  Gallia and Ishmael give Norva some lead time running by laying down a supressing fire on the office to deter the Eldar from pursuing.  

One Eldar does make it out and after Norva and the Soul Stones.  Gallia ends up doing a running sword fight alongside it and finally drives it off with both of them taking some hits to the head.  Gallia has earned a new scar.  

Chaka finishes off his final opponent and he and Kain deliver coup de graces to them which cause the Eldar Soul Stones they wear to glow as they die.  

Kain and Chaka find out from the foreman that the stones are being shipped in from Dusk where they are being found in an excavation.  

The group returns to Scintilla with the box of Soul Stones and the three bonus stones (and some Eldar weapons).  Their next assignment is to journey to Dusk and find the source of the Soul Stones.   


Session 4

GM Note: I am not sure where I was going with the last adventure so I basically scrapped it.  Two new characters are joining so we will be doing a slight reboot.  


The team assaulting the warehouse from Session 3 apparently encountered something they could not handle.  A large part of the building was destroyed and in flames when rescue crews pulled the survivors out.  Zharkov and the hooded man disappeared and have not been seen since despite other Inquisitor crews continuing the search.  Ishmael, Gallia, Victus and Frak survive the encounter, but Frak (the psyker) is driven mad by the events.  Ishmael, Gallia and Victus are severely wounded and spend several months recuperating. 

On to Session 4:

Ishmael (the Arbiter) is joined by two new recruits. Chaka is a warrior from a Feral World who has been recruited after assisting Inquisitor Tybalt in a hunt on his world. "You didn't flinch when putting them to the flame. I can use you." Norva Itana is a void born psyker who was found worthy of attempting to serve the Inquisition after a few years on the black ships.  Victus, the Tech Priest later joins in for some technical work.  

Interrogator Thorne brings his crew together to send them on an investigation. Between filling the air with lho stick smoke and drinking his ever present recaf, the scribe tells the crew about a body found deep in the bowels of Gun Metal City.

Tarek, a small time fence and fixer, was found dead with no obvious wounds in an alley. The body cleanup crew (they don't investigate most of the deaths in lower city) found his personal belongings intact and  a strange crystal in his possession so they notified the local Arbitrator Station.  Arbitrator Henshaw on seeing the crystal thought it might be of alien origin and contacted the Inquisition as is his duty.  

On investigating the events, the crew finds that Tarek was a known associate of the Green Stubbers, a hive gang and both Tarek and the gang were known to hang out in The Harlot's Halo. A visit to the Harlot's Halo gives Norva a chance to practice psionic torture.  They discover that Tarek was last seen with a man who works with off world shipping and sidelines as a smuggler.  

Following up with that, the group questions Otto Silas, the smuggler.  He reveals that Tarek was looking for someone to smuggle a quantity of the crystals from off world to Gun Metal City for a man he represents. He also reveals that Tarek told him the crystals were Eldar.  The crew lets Otto off the hook for now with the understanding that he will contact them if he hears from the people Tarek represented.  

On going to investigate Tarek's apartment, Chaka's laspistol has a horrible malfunction when trying to shoot the lock off the door.  The pistol's power pack explodes and destroys his hand.  The crew are able to get a tourniquette in place and return him to the Inquisitor's Citadel.  

Tybalt's head Excruciator (a very experienced Tech Priest) is able to quickly adapt an old prosthetic hand to replace Chaka's destroyed one.  The machine spirits are kind and not only is the hand as agile as his original, it is much stronger.  

Chaka's Hand 

Returning to the investigation the crew takes Victus along for locks and cogitators.  Victus is proud of Chaka for giving up his weak flesh for a fine metal hand.  The crew's investigation leads them to find that Tarek met with a "Marcus" at the Calixas Advocacy League in the upper spires of the city.  

The Calixas Advocacy League is a very elite private club.  On arriving they review a roster of members with the club's chamberlain.  On showing them a picture of Tarek, he informs them that the Marcus in question is their head of security.  

On going toward Marcus's office three security men come out and start blasting at the group with Lascarbines.  The Chamberlain is hit and goes down.  Chaka exercises his new hand by snapping the Chamberlain's neck and proceeds to use him as a meat shield vs. the laser fire while returning shots himself.  Ishmael returns fire while Norva charges with her sword.  

The battle goes well with only a minor wound on Ishmael.  The wounded security men surrender, but quickly dispatched by Chaka.  Marcus Holtz has meanwhile used a secret passage to exit the building to a parking garage a couple of levels below.  

[This is where we left off] 

Session 3

The acolytes leave Port Gavinus on the Inquisitor's cruiser, Lion of Scintilla. They are bound for his base on Scintilla and have a couple of weeks to recover from wounds, train and read up on the piles of data slates their leader, Thorne gives them.  

On arriving to Scintilla, Gallia discovers that all this open sky is a very scary thing.  This is her first time on a planet and she is overcome with a sense of agoraphobia.  She gets a little crazy from it.  

Thorne sends the group to meet with a local Arbitrator who is in the hospital.  While investigating a suspected crime boss in GunMetal City, Officer Jonas Kalina and two other Arbitrators attempted to arrest Stern Zharkov (the suspected crime boss/smuggler/honest importer) and handily defeated several bodyguards he sent against them.  He then asked a mysterious companion to "Teach Officer Kalina a lesson".  

The lesson consisted of throwing one officer over 30 meters and then ripping Kalina's arm off and beating the remaining Arbitrator to death with it.  Kalina lived (barely) and called in the Inquisition.

At the scene of the combat a psyker called in by the arbitrators flipped out and ran out of the building and into traffic where he was quickly killed by a grav truck.  

The acolytes go the scene and their psyker, Frak quickly discovers that the warp is very strong in this room.  It overwhelms him and he passes out for a few minutes.  He awakes a little less sane.  

 In the apartment, they also find a cogitator with information that leads them to a warehouse that is apparently one of Zharkov's though it does not appear to be his via official documents.  The smuggled weapons and armor under Kalina's investigation were due to be sent there.  

Also in the apartment two of the acolytes notice what seems to be a secret room.  They can not find an entrance and resort to heavy firepower to open the wall.  Inside, they find a summoning rune and a book.  Just uncovering the room sets a chill in the air, frosting the room and its occupants.  

There is also a series of dark voices from beyond the warp whispering to everyone from all directions.   To most these voices are ominous and terrifying. To one of them the voices begins to sound kind of melodic and nearly start to make sense.    

The group journeys to the warehouse and failing to have anything even starting to resemble a plan, they shoot their way in an dencounter a group of guards.  Through skill, luck and many rounds of ammo, they succeed in defeating the security forces in the warehouse.  

They are advised that Zharkov and a strange man in a hooded cloak were recently there and may even be in the upstairs office currently.  

We will pick up there next time…  


Addendum  I wrote this quick and dirty while fighting sleep. Will try to go back and clean it up a bit.   

The Winds of Chaos

Galia goes undercover posing as Octavia Khan.  Her and the newly arrived Psyker, Name? and Tech Priest Name2? go to a shadier area of the merchants quarters on Port Gavinus Station.  

 Following the instructions for the meetup Galia and Name? enter the Pawn shop, give the code of "I'm looking for Hallister" and enter a back room.  They are met by three people bearing weapons.  After giving the pass phrase of "I'm from Tongetta IV in the lower province." they lower the weapons, but notably fail to holster them.

 Galia (as Octavia Khan) provides the leader, Calamity Keller (a black market/fence) with the goods in a chest. The gorup was provided with imitation vials to replace the ones that broke on the trade ship and imitations of the ones still intact.   Following the transaction (which netted them a good number of Thrones), the group sets up a stakeout on the pawnshop.  

 Soon a group of people in ganger colors show up and enter the shop leaving a few outside to stand guard.  The group hears weapons fire shortly after and the gangers leave carrying the box that Galia turned over.  


 The group begins trailing them.  The station security guard, Tarkus who joined with the group says that it looks like one of the gangs from the Lower Warrens.  

 The group does follow them to the Lower Warrens, which is a delapidated and worn out area of the station. Many of the areas are darkened and uninhabited.  The group follows at a distance and finally comes to what appears to be a guard station for the Mongrel's territory.   

The psyker uses his abilities to stealth toward the guards as the assassin sneaks up.  This does not work and combat ensues.  The acolytes make short work of the gangers.  

 Passing on they find an area that is isolated, but functioning as a small village inhabited by the gang.  It is easy to stick to the shadows and soon they see a group coming their way.  The group appears to be at least one of the ganger leaders, a couple of men who don't quite fit in and several of the regular gang.  

 They shadow this group into a maintenance corridor that leads to a huge room.  The techpriest identifies it as the air recyclers for Port Gavinus Station.  He explains that the stations air supply is pulled in here, scrubbed and fed back out to the rest of the station.  

 The group watches while the group approaches what appears to be a pentagram drawn on the floor deeper into the room.  Two techpriests stand at the side and operate what appear to be controls for the room.  

 The acolytes attack before the ritual can be completed and a gun battle starts up.  While the rest engage in the fight,  Name? uses his powers to climb the walls and cling to the ceiling. He goes overtop the group and watches as the leader pulls the fake vials out of the chest and several other vials that they must have obtained earlier.   Name2? tries to access a panel where he may override the controls to the air filtration system.  

With very little ritual, the cult/gang leader begins chucking the vials on the ground where they either are useless (the fakes) or begin bubbling up either Plague Bearers, other creatures or in one – a mass that absorbs the other daemons and grows with each creature it touches.  

 This final mass is mutating and great tumors grow and burst from it as they watch.  Each burst tumor flings a gas into the air.  Nearby gangers are immediately stricken and drop where they stand dying a horrific and quick death at the daemonic disease.  Their bodies become part of the unholy mass and the gasses continue to build and move toward the air blowers leading the rest of the station.  

The techpriest finally overrides the controls and stops the air from leaving the room.  Meanwhile, the fight, which was bloody, but indecisive is put on hold as all combatants remaining realize they are doomed if they stay in the room.  

Rushing out f the room, they are met by Interrogator Thorne who they have maintained contact with throughout.   Thorne is accompained by a squad of Grey Knights who have arrived on the Inquisitors ship.  The Grey Knights enter the room and quickly cleanse it in holy flame.   

The threat to the station and the evil is stopped.  Had the group failed to stop the air filtration – potentially thousands would have perished at the hands of Chaos.   

Session 1

Gallia, a void born assassin and Ishmael, an Arbitrator from an Iocanthos are provided passage to Port Gavinus, a popular commercial space station in the in the Golgenna Reach where they are bound to join the Inquisition.

After waiting a week or two they are summoned to a room where they meet each other for the first time. Shortly Scholar Caliban Thorne arrives. Scholar Thorne is a man of slight frame with a bald head showing only a tattoo of a spider on it. He wears glasses that are square on one frame and round on the other. The lenses are colored red and green. He wears a chain coat with a stub automatic visible on the belt and he reeks of lho-stick.

Thorne informs them that they've been recruited as part of a new cadre serving under Inquisitor Gallus Tybalt. The Inquisitor is commonly referred to as Tybalt The Revelator, but seldom to his face. Thorne explains that this cell of acolytes will be serving under him. "Likely as punishment from the Inquisitor or perhaps to test my faith to the Golden Throne."

Thorne is accompanied by two floating skull servitors. One is a scribe servitor which is apparently writing every word spoken in the Interrogator's presence. It's whirring and scribbling is a constant as they talk. The other servitor performs vox and vid capture. Thorne apparently records everything that happens. He is also accompanied by two men who have the appearance of soldiers or bodyguards.  Over time you will find they are named Krell & Tauron.

Note:Thorne's penchant for lho sticks and recaf later becomes apparent to the group who seldom see him without either.

While discussing how they will be serving the Inquisition, the group is interrupted by someone from the station commander's office. An inbound Rogue Trader has had the onboard astropath send a warning about a possible warp breach. The ship, Pride of Josian has left the warp and is inbound, but no vox castings from it indicate a problem.The station commander knowing that part of an Inquisitor's cadre is on the station has asked them to investigate.

The group takes an aquila lander to the ship and lands in their docking bay. They are accompanied by a four man squad of station guards to assist.

On the bridge they meet Ship Master Pontius Havelock and his first officer, Octavia Khan. The Captain is confused why the Inquisition is there, but is very accommodating. The first officer on the other hand is quite openly hostile to the group and demands to know what right they have to hold them up.

Interrogator Thorne replies by shooting out her kneecap. He explains that the first officer apparently has something to hide and he will be doing some questioning. He sends the Gallia and Ishmael to talk to the Astropath while he's conducting his interrogation. He sends his VoxVid Servitor with them to record events and later evaluate them.

The two acolytes speak to the astropath and discover that he detected a breach in the warp that "tasted" of chaos while they were still enroute. The astropath explains that it reported the breach to the first officer, but was not requested to send notice to the station. The astropath sent notice himself rather than shirk his duty to the Emperor.

Niko, the crewman who has been escorting the cadre on hearing that the first officer was aware of the breach decides open up. He is obviously frightened by dealing with the Inquisition, but is also very loyal to the Shipmaster. He explains that Octavia Khan closed off Hold 4 and sent two security teams to investigate what the astropath had reported. Niko is sure that the Captain is unaware of any of that.

The cadre goes to the hold with the four station guards and quickly finds dead security personnel. Some of them are in a very advanced state of decomposition with piles of writhing maggots, rotting flesh and exposed bone. None of that makes sense as they should only have been dead for hours at the most.

Two crazed security personnel attack the group. One is killed by a headshot from one of the cadre's station guards. The other is hit in the leg, falls and drops his weapon. Attempts to question him are fruitless as the man is stark raving mad. Gallia ends his torment with a single shot thru the head.

The group soon finds a cargo cage is burst open from the inside. On investigating, Gallia and Ishmael find a box that is also apparently burst open from the inside. Two broken vials are in it and two still intact with a strange moving fluid inside.

While looking at this the station guards open fire and start screaming. One is flung back dead and another runs past screaming. One exiting the cargo cage, they find two grotesque daemon looking creatures approaching.

They have a single horn on their forehead and a single large, milky eye beneath it. The sight of the creatures sends Gallia fleeing for a moment and even causes Ishmael to take a few steps back. The battle is short but brutal. Two of the station guards are quickly vanquished and the last remaining in the fight lays into the creatures with his las carbine. Gallia returns to the fight and joins Ishmael in unloading shotguns at the strange creatures. The shotguns make short work of them.

The one station guard was only wounded instead of killed outright, but his wounds are already severely infected before they can even be treated. He dies shortly after.

The Interrogator later explains that the creatures were Plague Bearers of Nurgle. The vials were what they were summoned into and perhaps the poor warp shielding in the hold decks allowed the vials to break. It was only through the Emperor's Blessing that two remained contained.

The questioning of Octavia Khan has been fruitful. She was to deliver the vials and other profane materials (also in that cargo cage) to a contact on the space station. The Interrogator has asked Gallia to pose as Octavia to continue the investigation. Ishmael will accompany her as ship's security. The contact on the station is not anyone she knows, so the ruse should work.

That is where we left off – more with the next session.

Test Run

Did a little play testing the combat system. Learned a lot in a short time. This is a VERY lethal game and I would not have it any other way.

The player doing the play testing with me was running his assassin vs an arbitrator that one of the other players will have. Assassin lost both times once with a melee combat and again with a running gun battle. The fight could have gone either way and honestly – using fate points would have dramatically changed it.

Players will need to get familiar with ways to “up the odds” quickly. Use cover, shoot from point blank, gang up on enemies, and other tactics will up the odds of working. Sadly even the best attempts can sometimes backfire.

The assassin for instance was being chased in a noisy & dark enginarium (engine room) and had successfully evaded her pursuer. She snuck up behind him and was going to fire her shotgun point blank only to have a dud shell. Pumping another shell into the chamber alerted the arbitrator and he turned. A brief and explosive point range gun battle ensued. The arbitrator took out the assassin with a single shot.

Did I mention armor? Armor will be most necessary.


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