Guns of the Revelator

Port Wrath (Episode 5)

Inquisitor Tybalt was quite pleased with the cadre's results last time. They uncovered what seems to be a secret organization within the Calaxis Advocacy League.  The League's head of Security, Marcus Holtz is still at large and several high ranking members are suddenly and conspicously absent.  The Inquistor is having some of his other cadres investigate the League and look for Holtz.  

Tybalt gifts the group with some pistols in thanks for their service so far.  The pistols are Tybalt Arms Redeemers (from the Inquisitors own foundry) and are very well made pistols of great accuracy and reliability.  It is his hope they will serve them well.

Tybalt also introduces Sgt. Kain to the group.  He will be serving with them.  Kain had previously worked for Tybalt, but has no memory of it.  He had been mindcleansed and doesn't even recall his real name or any history.  He has retained his military skills and what seems to be a solid knowledge of the Imperial Guard.  He doesn't know why he was mindwiped, but is thankful that he was deemed valuable enough to undergo cleansing instead of the Emperor's Mercy.   

Otto Silas, the smuggler has reached out to meet with the group.  Meeting at the Harlot's Halo they discover that Silas was approached directly by Marcus Holtz to bring the next shipment of Eldar stones to Gunmetal City.  The Inquisitor has informed them that these stones are actually Eldar Soul Stones.

The group travels to Port Wrath via a trading vessel to pick up the stones and see if they can discover from where they originate.   

On Port Wrath the group finds the warehouse and Norva has a premonition of seeing blood.  Gallia scouts the place out and finds a good place to watch the office where the foreman will be.  Then Norva and Kain with Chaka posing as the main smuggler approach Foreman Marsters to get the stones.  On the way into the shipping office, Kain spots movement on the roof of the office.  

With the info chip they provide Marsters, the group is given a box containing the Soul Stones.  Norva can tell they are in there because she can sense many alien presences within the box – it is overwhelming to the point of making her physically ill.  The Soul Stone back on Scintilla was nothing like this.  

The foreman is telling them that another shipment left for Sephirus Secundus recently and that another shipment should be arriving for transfer in the next few weeks.  About this time, the ceiling has four circular holes burn-blasted in dropping Eldar into the room.  

The Eldar demand the Soul Stones be handed over and Norva in a lightning quick move grabs the box and leaps through the window, over the catwalk and down ten feet to the floor.  

Kain and Chaka are left with the Foreman and the four Eldar, which seems to be very bad odds.  The fight is fairly short and very bloody.  The Foreman is hit early on and taken down.  Chaka suffers from some bad footwork, but still does damage to the Eldar.  Kain makes use of pistol and chainsword and takes out a couple of the Eldar.  Gallia and Ishmael give Norva some lead time running by laying down a supressing fire on the office to deter the Eldar from pursuing.  

One Eldar does make it out and after Norva and the Soul Stones.  Gallia ends up doing a running sword fight alongside it and finally drives it off with both of them taking some hits to the head.  Gallia has earned a new scar.  

Chaka finishes off his final opponent and he and Kain deliver coup de graces to them which cause the Eldar Soul Stones they wear to glow as they die.  

Kain and Chaka find out from the foreman that the stones are being shipped in from Dusk where they are being found in an excavation.  

The group returns to Scintilla with the box of Soul Stones and the three bonus stones (and some Eldar weapons).  Their next assignment is to journey to Dusk and find the source of the Soul Stones.   



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